Strong Sun Moon

by Camelia Jade & Mike Antone

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released August 18, 2013

Camelia Jade - charango, ronroco, bombo, voice, guitar, charchas, cajón, djembe and bells.

Mike Antone - harmonica, voice, guitar, lap steel and piano.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Doug Haire at Jack Straw Productions, Seattle, WA.

Album Artwork by Megan Sewell. Photography by Cedar Branches. Graphic Design by Troy Lazenby.

Copyright © 2013 Camelia Jade & Mike Antone.
Track 4, "Blue" Copyright © 2001 Lucinda Williams, (p) 2001 UMG Recordings, Inc. Re-recorded with permission. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Camelia Jade & Mike Antone Seattle, Washington

North & South American Folk music from the Pacific Northwest.

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Track Name: Laugh Away
Laugh Away

hiking up a mountain top
see the world below
distant lake in my mind
you reap what you sow

talking about times we've had
what we've learned today
broken hearts will mend away
friends are here to stay

the wind will blow
the trees will move
through the window's haze
hide behind the wall with me
laugh away each day

laugh away
Track Name: Spring Renewal Song
Spring Renewal Song

remember when
it seemed so simple

familiar warmth,
deep inside

finally awake, learn to let go
finally awake, learn to begin

come to the place
where you live.
Track Name: Blue
Blue (by Lucinda Williams)

go find a jukebox
and see what a quarter will do
I don't wanna talk
I just wanna go back to blue

feeds me when I'm hungry
and quenches my thirst
loves me when I'm lonely
and thinks of me first

blue is the color of night
when the red sun disappears from the sky

raven feathers shiny and black
a touch of blue glistening down her back

we don't talk about heaven
and we don't talk about hell
we've come to depend on
one another so damn well

so go to confession
whatever gets you through
you can count your blessings
I'll just count on blue
Track Name: Goin' On A Roadtrip
Goin' On A Roadtrip

I've been thinkin' about packin'
some things and headin' down the coast
with my babe beside me and some good tunes
we'll hit the road of light

breathe in some sea air, we'll stop somewhere
at some beach that's calling
eat saltwater taffy and make each other happy
let her hair down for the wind

going down the highway, I see you look my way
a pure glimpse of heaven
with you right beside me, you somehow hide me
from the world to somewhere within

cause we're goin' on a roadtrip, just you and me
hitting the road to see what we see

goin' on a roadtrip
Track Name: Mystery of Love and Life
Mystery of Love and Life

the mystery of love and life . . .
Track Name: Take Me Away
Take Me Away

the light of day is ahead
I think I should have said
to you, and to me

I guess my time has come
that I realize that one means two
and that's you

take me away
far away
into twilight
starlit eyes

live on the road with me
we can be free as birds
with wings that sing

I guess my time has come
deep in the night I run
for you, and for me

take me away
far away
into twilight
starlit eyes

that make the sky
that we look upon
take us away
far away
take us away
over the earth
and into the stars

take me away
Track Name: Bloom

a dream will grow heavy
unless you move

i hear a song from the edge of the sky

each day, each breath
calls for you

will you sing aloud, love
to cool the ground?
and with each breath, can we change?

pure and cool as the wind
that calls for you
how suddenly the spirit moves
grown in heat and earth

will you dream aloud
to cool the ground?
and with each change
grow deeper than you would

would it be good to know
that you are in my heart?
would it be good to know what we are?

you are a dream of the ocean
to a body of water

you are
a sea of flames.
Track Name: Eternal Beauty
Eternal Beauty

you're leaving on a airplane
flying away from me
deep inside your mind state
your doing the right thing

dust the books off your bookshelf
open a new page
walk in the sand in your flip flops
with a a big smile on your face

only time can tell...

life the way you want it
jump in the boat and sail
to be a man and feel wanted
out in the sea of love

I know the day is coming
the day you'll find peace in your mind
set your course and direction
back to the loving arms of home

love lost in the cosmos
time to play the waiting game
to show a lady the best things
eternal beauty is it's name
Track Name: Sky Pulls Down
Sky Pulls Down

shed, shed, shed, you said
reveal how much you need
what is all this armor
when you're strong enough to bleed?

I crack my branches
to feel the weight
of how much they've emptied you

what would they have done, when I was young
if they knew how sad I was
would they have taken it from me?

what's the use in fighting
to find our way,
what's the use in fighting?

what do you hold dear?
and what will you keep near
when the sky pulls down

lift us up
and let the sun bless our eyes
in the first blue light of the sky
Track Name: Everything Changes
Everything Changes

from a landslide
I was willing to bear the weight
it was clear that I was sinking
and there, I thought, I would stay

but everything changes

rest in the shade, love
I am in one place.

if I couldn't let you go
then we would never see
what we are meant to be